File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*asfvideo.hppAn Image subclass to support ASF video files
o*basicio.hppSimple binary IO abstraction
o*bmpimage.hppWindows Bitmap (BMP) image
o*convert.hppExif and IPTC conversions to and from XMP
o*cr2image.hppClass Cr2Image
o*crwimage.hppClass CrwImage to access Canon CRW images.
The Canon RAW (CRW) File Format by Phil Harvey
o*datasets.hppIPTC dataset and type information
o*easyaccess.hppProvides easy (high-level) access to some Exif meta data
o*epsimage.hppEPS image.
[1] Adobe PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specification, Version 3.0, September 1992
[2] Adobe Encapsulated PostScript File Format Specification, Version 3.0, May 1992
[3] Adobe XMP Specification Part 3: Storage in Files, July 2010
[4] Re: Thumbnail data format in ai file, Dec 2003
o*error.hppError class for exceptions, log message class
o*exif.hppEncoding and decoding of Exif data
o*exiv2.hppInclude all Exiv2 header files
o*futils.hppBasic file utility functions required by Exiv2
o*gifimage.hppGIF image, implemented using the following references: GIF89 specification by W3C
o*image.hppClass Image, defining the interface for all Image subclasses
o*iptc.hppEncoding and decoding of IPTC data
o*jp2image.hppJPEG-2000 image, implemented using the following references: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG1 N2401: JPEG 2000 Part 6 FCD 15444-6
o*jpgimage.hppClass JpegImage to access JPEG images
o*matroskavideo.hppAn Image subclass to support Matroska video files
o*metadatum.hppProvides abstract base classes Metadatum and Key
o*mrwimage.hppMinolta RAW image, implemented using the following references: Minolta Raw file format by Dalibor Jelinek
o*orfimage.hppOlympus RAW image
o*pgfimage.hppPGF image, implemented using the following references: PGF specification from libpgf web site
o*pngimage.hppPNG image, implemented using the following references: PNG specification by W3C
PNG tags list by Phil Harvey
o*preview.hppClasses to access all preview images embedded in an image
o*properties.hppXMP property and type information.
XMP Specification from Adobe (Property descriptions copied from the XMP specification with the permission of Adobe)
o*psdimage.hppPhotoshop image, implemented using the following references: Adobe Photoshop 6.0 File Format Specification by Adobe
o*quicktimevideo.hppAn Image subclass to support Quick Time video files
o*rafimage.hppFujifilm RAW image
o*riffvideo.hppAn Image subclass to support RIFF video files
o*rw2image.hppClass Rw2Image
o*tags.hppExif tag and type information
o*tgaimage.hppTruevision TARGA v2 image, implemented using the following references: Truevision TGA page on Wikipedia
TGA(tm) File Format Specification
o*tiffimage.hppClass TiffImage
o*types.hppType definitions for Exiv2 and related functionality
o*utilsvideo.hppAn Image subclass to support RIFF video files
o*value.hppValue interface and concrete subclasses
o*version.hppPrecompiler define and a function to test the Exiv2 version. References: Similar versioning defines are used in KDE, GTK and other libraries. See for accompanying guidelines
o*xmp.hppEncoding and decoding of XMP data
\*xmpsidecar.hppAn Image subclass to support XMP sidecar files